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Reading: Dorothy Albertini and JoNelle Toriseva

Grab a drink and join us at Nox. Don’t miss this incredible reading by two extraodinary talents! According to Ann Lauterbach, “Dorothy and Some Kittens, by Dorothy Albertini, is a kind of psychic calendar, brilliantly terse and horribly lucid. And, like all true fiction, it invents the real: ‘It seems familiar, but Dorothy doesn’t let […]

A Reading: Bethany Snyder & Diane Rivoli

Nox is ectstatic about the return of local literary legend Bethany Snyder and equally happy to welcome local author Diane Rivoli for the first time! Bethany Snyder loves many things—the southern Maine coast, British television, buttercream frosting, musicals about our Founding Fathers—but none more than sharing her fiction with you. Her first short story collection, […]