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The Art of Abandonment from Chris Goodenbury

CM Goodenbury Photography – Art of Abandonment Haunting, urban exploration photos of abandoned places across America by CM Goodenbury. CM Goodenbury is a Rochester, NY based photographer specializing in photos of abandoned spaces, forgotten items, and urban decay. His photography is meant to evoke a sense of longing for ages past, feelings of quiet […]

Geeks Who Drink PubQuiz

Starting Sunday, June 21st and continuing Sundays thereafter, Nox is proud to host Geeks Who Drink for Pubquiz! 7:30; free to play; prizes (including booze); get here early to sign up. Is there any more perfect spot for PubQuiz?

Dave Pollot Art Show

We’re excited to have Dave Pollot showing his artwork tomorrow, the 5th (and for a while after that, too). The Man Himself will be there from 5:30 on. Come and see. Get a bit of culture with your booze & comfort food. Dave’s Facebook Page & Etsy Store

Nox featured in City Newspaper

Approaching Nox Craft Cocktails & Comfort Food in Village Gate, you may think you need a password to enter. The impressive, dungeonesque doorway has eye-level panels that can be opened from the inside to snoop on who is outside. When my friend and I stepped inside on our visit, she immediately gasped, “Oh my goodness, […]